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Puppies Available?

We are located in Los Angeles, California near LAX.  Please be aware that we do not ship dogs or make any sales agreements prior to personally meeting each perspective puppy purchaser.  Welsh Terriers are not the right breed for everyone.  Please read the link on the home page for a good and unbiased description of the Welsh Terrier.   All of our living dogs have been genetically tested clear for primary lens luxation, one of the causes of glaucoma in Welsh Terriers.  


For information about Welsh Terrier health issues, please read the information provided by the Welsh Terrier Club of Ameria Health Committee.  Because of the uncertainty of veterinary bills, we recommend pet insurance.  


We do not sell dogs for show or breeding and all dogs come with limited AKC Registration and must be spayed or neutered. When purchasing a pure-bred dog, buy from a responsible breeder and never from a pet shop. AKC Registration IS NOT an indication of the quality of the PUPPY. Dogs are for life, not just for holidays or special occassions - they are a commitment of up to 15+ years.  Please read the link on the home page for a good discussion on purchasing a pure-bred puppy.  Before purchasing ANY dog, please personally visit the breeder and determine for yourself how the puppy has been raised and its temperament. Should you have health or behaviorial concerns about your Welsh Terrier, please contact your pet's breeder or your veterinarian.  


Please use the e-mail form at the right to contact us regarding puppy availability.   Include information about your living situation, including house, condo or apartment, size of yard, number and age of family members, number of hours your pet will normally be left alone.  We would also like to hear about the other pets in your home and current or previous terrier or other dog experience.  What made you decide that a Welsh Terrier was the dog for you?


Our e-mail address is 

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